Zoom! Teeth Whitening Sherwood Park

Up to eight shades whiter in one treatment!

Watch the ZOOM! step-by-step video:

If you are looking to lighten the current shade of your teeth, then teeth whitening may be a good option for you. Some teeth are naturally darker than others as well as teeth can stain due to things that we consume (food/drink) or from smoking.

What is Zoom! Teeth Whitening?

Using LED light and hydrogen peroxide on your teeth, the Zoom! Teeth whitening procedure boasts a difference of 6-8 shades on your teeth with many reviews seeing immediate results. This in office whitening procedure in your dentist's office spread across several 15-minute sessions. The procedure also includes a take home touch up kit including custom trays.

You may also decide to complete teeth whitening if you are considering veneers or bonding procedures so that the final is a whiter shade.

Can I Have the Procedure?

Before having your teeth whitened, you will need to have an initial consultation with a trained professional to ensure that your teeth are suitable for whitening. Those with certain health conditions, extremely sensitive teeth, extensive previous dental work or cracked and broken teeth may need to avoid the procedure but this is on a case-by-case basis.

What Happens During Zoom! Whitening?

  1. After your initial consultation, you'll discuss the results you are hoping to achieve and any limitations to your results.
  2. Photos and initial shade are taken.
  3. Molds will then be taken of your teeth to create custom made trays. These additional take home whitening trays can be used for later touch ups at home in the future if you desire.
  4. You will then have your gums and lips protected from the whitening solution using a barrier.
  5. The whitening compound will be applied to your teeth and the lamp applied.
  6. The lamp will then be turned on for 15 minutes which will activate the solution and begin the process. During this time, the combination of the light and solution breaks apart the stains and helps remove the discoloration of teeth.
  7. This is repeated 3 times. If sensitivity is experienced, a relief gel can be placed during the procedure or the light intensity reduced. After the procedure, a gel is applied to your teeth to reduce sensitivity.

Is It Available For Home Use?

Although the light activated Zoom! Whitening procedure is a professional product for in-office use, maintenance can be obtained by using the Zoom take home whitening solution with custom at home trays. This take-home solution is a milder compound designed to maintain the levels of whiteness you have achieved professionally. In most cases, this home touch-up product will be used with your own trays which will be given to you after your procedure. Additional take home whitening solution can also be purchased from the office for future touch ups.

Although side effects from Zoom! whitening are rare, you may find you sensitivity immediately following the procedure but in most cases, subsides in 24 hours. Additionally, if gum irritation does occur during the procedure, it will quickly heal within a few days. For more information on Zoom! teeth whitening or to book a consultation, contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation with one of our dentists.

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